Types of Funds collected

Sadqa Collection Boxes

  • Almost 500 Sadqa Collection Boxes across Mumbai & its Sub-Urbs and Sangli
  • Motivate individuals to take out daily Sadqa through daily messages.
  • Anfaal staff visits and collects the funds every month from houses.

Sehme Saadat

  • Sehme Sadaat is very important fund to uplift the downtrodden Sadaat families.
  • Centralized collection helps in fulfilment of needs of Sadaat families.
  • This fund helps in big projects like buying / repairing of homes, paying higher education fees, payment for tuition fees for specialized courses, etc.
  • Anfaal foundation uses verification criteria before disbursement of fund.

Monthly membership fees

  • To support the office & other requirements of the Foundation.
  • Unique membership format for those who want to support the foundation.
  • Membership starts from Rs. 100 onwards to any amount which is utilized for office Rent, Staff Salary,
  • Stationery and promotion materials etc.

Case selection and verification process

Anfaal Foundation have defined way for selecting cases on selected parameters
Education support in terms of fees / books / higher education
Widow / Divorcee without any support
Marriage of poor girls

Double verification of each case is the Unique Proposition of Anfaal Foundation
Anfaal Foundation has dedicated team of members who perform the duty of inspecting each and every case so as to make sure that the case is genuine without any kind of revelation / hoax which might result in insult of the beneficiary.

The overall process is hidden and only beneficiary is informed of the same.
Any kind of help provided is kept hidden from others maintaining the dignity of beneficiary in the society.