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Islam has motivated every Muslim to take out Sadqa and give it to the needy so as to safeguard the poor from hunger and basic needs. At the same time, giving Sadqa builds the habit of donating wealth for those who are well to do; thus balancing the social cycle of the society.

While majority of the Muslims take out Sadqa and give it to poor, we can still see that there is heavy poverty in Muslim dominated areas and 1 in every 4 beggars is Muslim in India.

When we tried to search for the reason, we found that this is because of lack of centralization of funds and evil intensions of the beggars. People whom we see on streets are generally professional beggars who misuse the beautiful concept of Sadqa.

Holy Quran Says
And whatever thing you spend, He exceeds it in reward, and He is the best of Sustainers. (Surah Saba 34: 39)

Imam Ali (a.s.) said
“Seek the sustenance through Sadaqah” (Wasa’il ul-Shia Vol. 6 page 259)

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